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Can You Look Normal with Dentures?

February 16, 2022
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Can You Look Normal with Dentures?

Patients who have lost one or more teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay, accidents, or other damaging situations may benefit from dentures. Many patients, however, are concerned that their prosthetics may not look natural. Although dentures are artificial, they are custom-made to fit a patient’s mouth and blend in with the shade of their smile.

What Are Dentures Exactly?

To give you a simple definition, dentures are artificial structures that resemble and function like your ordinary teeth. They are designed from the molds of a patient’s mouth. Dentures in Flagstaff are made to correctly match the appearance of a patient’s smile and look seamless with their gums.

Patients who have lost teeth should have their smile restored not only for an aesthetic enhancement but to ensure their jaw and facial features are supported correctly. Without support from their teeth, a patient’s jawbones may be compromised, and other oral health issues could arise.

How Are Dentures Made?

Modern dentures are advanced tools used to replace gaps in your smile. They are made of hard, strong resin that is long-lasting and comfortable. The gum portion of a denture is made with polymer to ensure a correct, comfortable fit. Dentures will be designed specifically for their patient, based on a mold taken from their dentist in Flagstaff.

Although dentures are very durable, they are not a permanent solution to missing teeth and will likely need to be replaced after some years. As with many products, they may wear down with use. They may also wear down depending on how well they are taken care of by the patient.

How do Will New Dentures look?

During your appointment at West Flag Dental, your dentist will explain that the main goal of dentures is to restore the functionality of your teeth to promote good oral hygiene. Their second main goal is to appear exactly like your natural teeth. With today’s dental technology and advances, dentures have become virtually identical to natural teeth, and dentists can fabricate dentures to look how they want.

The dentist will also take a series of impressions during your appointment and use it to make your device. Once the dentures are fully adjusted, they should fit over the ridges in your mouth and sit snugly on your gums. Utilizing advanced dental tools, your dentist will also be able to correctly match the colour of the artificial teeth to your own. If a patient has no remaining teeth, they can discuss the shade they would like for their new device.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Taking good care of your dentures will also affect how they look and how long they last. Patients should care for their dentures as they would their natural teeth. Consider speaking with your dentist about the best way to go about doing this. Many may recommend soaking them overnight and cleaning them after meals. A consistent oral hygiene routine will also ensure your dentures continue looking great.

Are You in Need of a Restorative Treatment?

Have you experienced teeth loss and are looking for a dental clinic near you that offers services for smile restoration? If so, look no further! West Flag Dental offers complete and partial dentures near you to help repair your smile. Contact us today to book a consultation appointment; our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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