Emergency Dentistry - Flagstaff, AZ

Emergency Dentistry at Flagstaff Smiles

Our emergency dental care services are here to ease the pain. Get the care you deserve when you need it the most at Flagstaff Smiles!

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Emergency Dentistry at Flagstaff Smiles

Don't let dental emergencies disrupt your plans

We've all had a dental emergency at one time or another, and while it's not something to brag about, they certainly happen at the most inconvenient times. There are a variety of emergency dentistry services available for every unfortunate dental occurrence. No matter your emergency dental needs, we have a team of professionals ready to serve you.

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Emergency Dentistry at Flagstaff Smiles

Emergency Dentistry Conditions We Can Help With

Infected/damaged teeth

Bleeding teeth or gums

painful Mouth sores

Knocked out or broken tooth

Emergency Dentistry at Flagstaff Smiles

In pain? We're here to help!

If you are in pain and need to see a dentist immediately, don't despair! You don't need to take matters into your own hands; dental emergencies almost always require the help of a professional dentist. Whether you are a current patient or a new one, we will find you the earliest appointment available at Flagstaff Smiles, and Dr. Benjamin Stark will be happy to see you.

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Emergency Dentistry at Flagstaff Smiles

Restore your smile and comfort to 100%

Dental emergencies are more common than you think and occur at surprising times. From rough sports to hard candy, we all need to visit the dentist for an emergency from time to time. 

Whether you have a chipped tooth, cracked tooth, bleeding gums, need a root canal, or that toothache seems like something more serious, it's best not to panic. You must always know that you can count on a team of emergency dentists in Flagstaff, AZ. At Flagstaff Smiles, we will take care of your smile with our emergency dental services. So do not hesitate to contact us today!

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