VIP Discount Plan - Flagstaff, AZ

VIP Discount Plan at Flagstaff Smiles

Our in-house dental plan is the best way to save money on your dental procedures. Learn more about the VIP Discount Plan below!

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VIP Discount Plan

Making Dental Care Accessible

At Flagstaff Smiles, we want to ensure you and your family have healthy smiles that last a lifetime. Our commitment goes beyond providing comfort during your appointments or providing world-class dentistry. We want families across Flagstaff to have the best dental care without breaking the bank. That's why we offer our in-house VIP Discount Plan.

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VIP Discount Plan

Full Family Plans Available!

Looking to save money on your family's dental work? We offer most popular dental treatments at affordable rates for the whole family with our in-house dental plan.

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VIP Discount Plan

What Sets Our Plan Apart

Includes Dental Emergencies

Save hundreds on yearly dental costs

Individual, Partner, & Family Plans Available

No Limits, Maximums Or Excluded Treatments

No Waiting Periods, Or Extensive Claims Process

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