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How Often Do Composite Dental Fillings Need to be Replaced?

May 27, 2021
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How Often Do Composite Dental Fillings Need to be Replaced?

The biggest danger to your oral health is tooth decay. Although tooth decay and cavities are preventable, the majority of adults have had at least one cavity in their lifetime. If you are among those who have had a cavity, your dentist in Flagstaff probably used a composite dental filling to treat it. Composite fillings near you provide a long-term and effective solution to protect your smile, but do they ever need to be replaced? Read more to find out.

How Often Do Composite Fillings Need Replacing?

A dental filling is used to treat a tooth that has been partially decayed. Composite fillings in Flagstaff stop cavities from spreading and restore the strength of your tooth. Although your dental filling will last you for many years, it likely won’t last forever.

Composite fillings are made from a mixture of fine plastic and glass particles. They are made to match your tooth enamel so that they blend in with the rest of your smile. Although they aren’t quite as strong as silver amalgam fillings, they are very durable. Composite fillings tend to last about ten to twelve years before they require replacing.

Why Do Fillings Need to be Replaced?

There are many reasons why your dental filling may eventually need to be replaced. Most of the time, it is due to the natural wear and tear that comes with daily activities. For example, when you chew, your dental filling is placed under pressure. Over time, this pressure can cause your dental filling to crack, fall out, or leak. If your filling is no longer protecting your tooth the way it should, bacteria and food particles can get trapped underneath it, leading to further oral health problems. When this happens, you will need to get your filling replaced.

It is also normal for composite fillings to stain over time. As a result, the filling can stick out in your smile, and you will want to get it replaced by a dentist near you so that it blends in with your smile once again.

Can I Control How Long My Fillings Last?

Your diet is one of the biggest predictors of how long your dental fillings will last. Eating sugary foods can make it easier for new cavities to form underneath your fillings and on previously healthy teeth. Chewing on hard candy and ice can also increase the amount of wear and tear on your fillings. Staining will happen quicker if you regularly ingest dark-colored beverages such as tea, coffee, and red wine. If you want your dental fillings to last as long as possible, avoid ingesting these substances.

How Do I Know When to Replace My Fillings?

If your dental filling requires replacement, you will likely experience some symptoms. You may notice sensitivity or pain in the area where your filling is. It is a good idea to contact your dentist as soon as you notice uncomfortable oral symptoms to have your teeth examined. At this time, your dentist will determine if it is necessary to replace your dental filling so that you can continue to maintain a healthy smile.

At Flagstaff Smiles, we are happy to provide our patients with composite dental fillings. If you have had fillings for a while but think you may need replacements, please contact us. Our dentist is happy to examine your oral health and provide you with new fillings so you can continue to benefit from optimal oral health.

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