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5 Min Read

How Often Do Composite Dental Fillings Need to be Replaced?

Dental fillings are a great option to restore damaged teeth. This blog discusses how long fillings can last and when they should be replaced.
6 Min Read

How to Avoid Yellow Teeth Due to Braces

Are you concerned about keeping your teeth clean while you receive orthodontic treatment? This blog provides tips to help you keep your teeth sparkling during your treatment.
7 Min Read

What To Do About “Denture Breath”

Are your dentures causing foul breath? This blog provides tips and tricks to help you achieve fresher breath with dentures.
5 Min Read

How To Adjust to Wearing Veneers

Are you interested in receiving veneers? This blog provides tips to help ease your transition and feel comfortable with your new smile.
7 Min Read

Do Dentists Numb You For a Crown?

Are you concerned about the mouth when receiving crowns? This blog provides an overview of the process of receiving dental crowns and when anesthesia will be required.
6 Min Read

Can Your Porcelain Bridge Be Repaired if Damaged?

Are you wondering if porcelain bridges can be repaired? This blog provides an overview of damaged porcelain bridges and how they are repaired.
6 Min Read

Should I Be Worried About My Bleeding Gums?

Are your gums constantly bleeding? This blog provides an overview of the reasons why your gums are bleeding and ways to overcome it.
5 Min Read

Interested in Teeth Whitening in Flagstaff?

A brighter smile can take your confidence to the next level. This blog provides an overview of teeth whitening, its benefits, who's eligible, and tips to prolong your results.
7 Min Read

Why To Consider Composite Fillings

Fillings are an excellent way to treat tooth decay and strengthen your teeth. This blog provides an overview of composite fillings, including the benefits and how to prolong their lifespan.

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